Shandong Rui Ying Building Materials Co., Ltd. is located in the modern trade logistics city, the historical and cultural city of Linyi national economic and Technological Development Zone, is a research and development, production and sales of small and medium enterprises. In recent years, the national "12th Five-Year" plan has clearly pointed out that the future direction of the development of the industry, low-carbon, environmental protection, energy saving… waste is the main theme. Calcium silicate board polyphenyl granule composite light wallboard is one of the new energy saving light and environment-friendly building materials used in the country.MORE+

The wall to install U positioning line card, put in place, leveling, plate, adhesive, quality inspection, fixed mesh belt, smooth crack sealing paste (if Party A needs special anti cracking and tiling, still need to clean the dirt) roll 801 cement paste to paste the cracking net cloth, quality inspection

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Light wallboard is made of lightweight partition board referred to as construction, refers to the use of a harmless…